CBS and student life

Get to know us

Here you will find videos that give you an overview of CBS. Then videos about what it is like to study – and student life at CBS. You can read a bit about the research behind the study programmes. You will also find a video about conditions for students with disabilities. At the bottom, you will find links to meeting our students.

Meet CBS


General introduction to CBS

Get the overview of CBS as a place of study.


Campus tour

Experience our buildings and facilities.

What it is like to study


Work and study methods at university

Get insight into the everyday academic life of a student.


Going on exchange

Learn about the possibilities of studying half a year at a university abroad.

A happy student life


Study start at CBS

What does CBS do to welcome you as a new student – and how do we support you through the first year?


Student well-being

It is important that CBS is a nice place to be and that you can be a happy student.


Support if you have a disability

This video is especially for you, if you are dyslexic or have a physical or cognitive disability.

The research behind your study programme

CBS is a university. That means that the teaching is research based. But how will you actually experience that in your everyday studies?

You will experience that courses continuously change and develop because they take their point of departure in new theory – and that professors often include their own research in the classes. In many courses, you will be presented with not one but several theoretical perspectives. That teaches you to work critically and independently.



Research based education not only teaches you about theory and specific knowledge. It teaches you to work systematically and analytically. That is how you develop understanding and methods to create knowledge yourself – and to distinguish between what we believe and what we actually know.

At CBS, more than 600 people conduct research in topics that relate to businesses and their surroundings. They create new knowledge for the good of companies and society within a wide range of research areas.

In fact, at CBS we work with business related topics from far more academic perspectives that at most business universities in the world. That means that there are also many academic perspectives that can enrich the education you will experience in your study programme.