International Students

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11 Mar


Ring til en studievejleder på 3815 2738
På fredag den 11. marts kl. 10-12 kan du ringe og snakke med en studievejleder, hvis du er i tvivl om dit valg af uddannelse. Bemærk dette er et live-event.

Welcome to Denmark, Copenhagen and CBS

Here you can learn about the academic culture and approach to learning at CBS – and find links to meeting our Danish and international students. We have also gathered some information about coming to Denmark and settling here. Lastly you will find a complete list of all our different live events in English, where you can get to know more about our different programmes, admission to CBS and talk to current international students about their experiences.



The academic style in Denmark, might be very different than what you are used to in your home country. In this video you can hear more about the Danish academic tradition, types of exams and different ways of studying. This will help you get a feeling of what it is like to study at CBS.