Mille Nikolajsen

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My choice

Choosing your what direction to go in life is difficult. I personally have been one of those people who never quite knew what I wanted. This resulted in 4 “thinking years” after high school, where I pondered on the thought if it was even beneficial for me to take a higher education.

In order to reach a conclusion, research was important, and I therefore started with my first dilemma “What do I want?”.
A convoluted question that is not exactly the way to answer. But in my 4 years of thinking, I had learned what I definitely did NOT want. I therefore used the exclusion method, and got it boiled down to a few industries. In the selected industries, I looked at job postings, noting what the requirements were, in order to be considered a potential candidate for the job. This therefore answered my second dilemma “Will it be beneficial for me to study?”. Almost all job postings within the selected industries required a higher education, and the answer was therefore clear.

Why CBS? – I had spent the last 4 years abroad, and the idea of coming home to little Denmark was therefor hard. That’s why I chose to study in the largest city in Denmark, to be able to ease the thought of having to go back again. The business industry was the one I was most interested in, and since CBS was located in Copenhagen and offered a wide range of business-related study lines, the choice was obvious.

My programme

It was a huge shock to start school again. The shock came not only from the fact of having to start school again after so many years on the job market (I had not opened a book in 4 years), but also by the people. I had heard the rumors about the International Business line, long before I started my search for a higher education. I was therefore pleasantly surprised as I got to know the people and found out that everyone was extremely sweet and helpful.

Apart from the fact that the study itself is not only relevant to the industries I want to enter, it also gives a good understanding of the outside world that can be used in everyday life (though, of course that there are some subjects that are a lot more fun than others). I therefore do not have a hard time finding motivation to study after I learned which study method suited me best.

My advice

My only and best advice to future students: Participate in as much as possible from the get go! People tend to group after a while, so it is important to get to know a lot of people from the start. That way you get a strong social network that becomes your "rock" through your study years. I personally would never have made it through the first year without my network and close friends.

Students at IB

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