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My choice

When I had to choose a programme, I found it very helpful to write down a couple of selection criteria that I believed would be important and relevant for my ideal study programme. Based on these criteria, I researched many study programmes (both from CBS but also other universities), and my choice of study ended up being International Business (IB) as I believed it was the best match. The criteria that I found important when I had to choose a study programme included:

  • The programme had to be taught in English
  • The programme should have an international perspective
  • The programme should fit with my interests

CBS and (the majority of) other universities have great webpages that feature a lot of great content about their respective study programmes. I spent a lot of time on getting acquainted with the programmes that I found interesting. Furthermore, participating in the Open Days event was also very helpful because it was possible to interact with CBS-employees and students from the different programmes. Before attending the Open Days event, IB was my first priority. Nevertheless, I was still in doubt whether it was the right thing for me or not. However, attending the Open Days event was the confirmation I needed.

My programme

IB is a very individual study programme. Exams are individual, and CBS do not form any mandatory study groups in this programme (students themselves can of course create their own). This is important to have in mind – especially if you thrive in a setting with a lot of group work.

IB is also characterized by having a quarter-structure. This means that we have 2 courses at a time for approximately 7-8 weeks, which we then finish with exams at the end of the quarter. Personally, I am a massive fan of this structure because it makes me able to focus intensively on only 2 subjects at a time, which I find rewarding in terms of outcome. On the other hand, it is definitely worth pointing out that we often have exam periods on IB since all quarters end with exams. So, if you feel very pressured in exam periods, you should consider carefully if you would thrive in a setting where such periods are coming up often.

My advice


Participate in an Open Days event and talk to employees and students representing the study programmes you are considering.


Participate in social events like the intro week – it is the perfect opportunity to establish social relations.


Do not be afraid to ask fellow students if you have any questions

Students at IB

Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on IB. Feel free to contact them with your questions.