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My choice

I was very unsure about which education to apply for after high school. I considered every possible education and thought many different programs sounded interesting. Therefore, I found the choice difficult with the fear of choosing the wrong programme, which resulted in two gap years.

Eventually, I wanted to get started and had to make a decision. What helped me choose was going through the pros and cons of the courses and participating in different events at the universities. However, I still was not 100% sure of my choice because no matter how much you read about the courses, you only really know what it is when you have tried it yourself. So, in the end, I just went with what I felt most comfortable with.

I ended up choosing International Business at CBS because it is a very broad programme. It leaves you with many possibilities, which I think is nice since I do not know exactly what direction I want to go. During the course, we get to look at many different topics, and hopefully, this will help me become more clarified.

My programme

One thing I was very nervous about in the programme was that everything is taught in English. I found that a bit intimidating as I was not very comfortable speaking English. However, I have been surprised by how quickly it catches on. The first few weeks can be tough, but pretty soon, you will not think about it.

Another thing that is a bit special about the international business programme is that we have a quarter structure. This means that a year is divided into four quarters instead of two semesters. I think it is really nice, as you have fewer subjects at a time and can therefore concentrate better on the subjects you have. On the other hand, it is more intense, and you have the courses for a shorter time.

My advice


Follow your intuition when choosing, and do not worry about what everyone else thinks about your choice.



You can always change your mind – and there is nothing wrong with that. It gave me peace of mind to know I could always switch my programme if it did not turn out to be what I expected.


Look at the subjects. It helped me a lot to look at the specific subjects in the courses and what they involve.

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