Caroline Knudsen

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My choice

I haven’t always known that I wanted to study IBP or even study at CBS. I only found out just before the application deadline, but it was definitely the international aspect of IBP that led me to choose the programme. I would love to live and work abroad in the future and try out living a different lifestyle compared to what we do in Denmark, so it was perfect with a programme taught in English for me. That’s also why I love the fact that we have so many international students at IBP, I love talking to people about cultural differences, and it is always cool knowing someone completely different!

IBP is in itself kind of a different programme compared to others because of the combination of business and politics. It has always been the first question people have asked me when they heard what I am studying – why that combination? But I like how correlated the two are!
Besides that, I have always known that I wanted to study here, there is no city like Copenhagen! With all the things to do, both academic with cool jobs and other opportunities, but also just meeting so many new interesting people and all the experiences you can get besides studying.

My programme

IBP is definitely unique. And broad. The fact that we both have courses about politics and business is without a doubt very interesting, but it also means that you cannot like everything equally. There will be something you don’t find as interesting, and that was something I found very challenging in the beginning. Because does that then mean that it wasn’t the right programme for me? But I have learnt that it is like that for everyone, and it is also intriguing because it means there is so much to learn! And it can also be helpful – it has definitely given me an idea about what I want to do in the future, and I think the huge differences between courses like Microeconomics and Political Science, as well as opportunities like Case Club and CBS Case Teams have made me realize that I could see myself in a consultancy someday.

The most important thing about IBP, however, is, in my opinion, the amazing combination between the academic and the social aspects. There is always something to do, everyone is open and happy and just want to get to know each other. I loved that when I started IBP. There is always someone to talk to about everything, and something to do to take your mind off the readings for next week. I have personally used IBP’s student organization IBP Union to take my mind off things!

My advice


Be ready for responsibility. No one is there to tell you what to do anymore, so you really help yourself and make your life easier by being structured!


Be openminded. Talk to people. You are all there to get the best out of your studies. Go to all the social happenings you can – you’ll never regret it.


Be ready to be challenged. It SHOULD be challenging to study, and it will be – so don’t compare yourself to others, and keep reminding yourself that you are good enough and doing everything you can!


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