Martine Bjørnsbo

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My choice

I had for years been in doubt whether IBP or Political Science was the right choice for me. My gut feeling was however that IBP was the right thing, primarily due to IBP’s international profile and the focus on economics as well as politics.

Furthermore, I wanted to be in a course with an ambitious study environment. In IBP I got all of this. One of my primary worries was whether Copenhagen was a nice city for studying and whether I could find somewhere affordable to live. It turned out that both worries were unnecessary.

My programme

One of the best things about IBP is the combination of politics, economics, and business which you do not find in many other programmes. I have been the most interested in the courses Political Science and Political and Economic Thought. In general, I am more interested in the courses on politics than the courses on economics. In the future I also want to work in something more politics than economics/business related

My advice


I would firstly advice you to follow your gut feeling when choosing your study programme. Everyone is worried and nervous before starting university. Worries about not being intelligent or ambitious enough are for the most completely unnecessary and should not keep you away from applying for the course you like the most.


I would suggest that you join a student organisation. I play football for CBS Sport and I really enjoy this.


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