Matilde Henriksen

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My choice

When choosing my bachelor programme it was important to me that the program was as ’open’ as possible in order to get a broad understanding of business administration. Also it was essential to me that the programme was taught in English and had an international perspective, which was why I chose SEM.

Concerning the whole process when choosing a programme, I’ve spend a lot of time on not only reading about the various programmes but also reading the different course descriptions and by that figuring out what I could find interesting.

My programme

Service Management deals with many different areas of business administration but all of them are linked to the service sector, which is useful in many contexts. One of the good things about Service Management is that you both have courses with theories and methods about the service industry but business economic-oriented courses as well. This gives you a broad understanding and at the same time it gives you great variety when studying.

Furthermore, Service Management has quarter structure, which means that some of the courses span over six weeks. This means that you get to concentrate on fewer courses at the time but on the other hand it also gets more intense.

My advice


Put an effort into reading about the different programmes, which may seem interesting to you and compare with other programmes, which are similar in order to figure out what is important to you.


Participate in the social activities, especially in the beginning. There are a lot of activities during the intro week where you can get to know your fellow students.


Spend some time on figuring out the different study techniques and what works best for you. It may vary from the different courses so don’t focus at only one technique. Don’t get stressed out over what others are doing because your fellow students may learn in other ways than you do.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on SEM. Feel free to contact them with your questions.