Sofie Mark Helwigh

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My choice

After high school I was convinced that going to university was not something for me, so for five years I worked my way up in different service companies and ended as a store manager in Lagkagehuset. Then the covid-19 pandemic hit the service industry and that was the first time since graduation I where I had time to breath and reflect on my future.

I found out that I dreamt of working in HR and talent development, as I love helping others, optimizing task solution in daily operations, and developing people. But to get into consideration for the job positions I wanted to possess, I needed to get a higher education to 1) ensure stable future for myself in the service industry and 2) to not be doubted on my professionalism and knowledge.

I chose “Business administration and service management” to get an international perspective on the retail and service industry. Getting theory on the practical skills I have used and gained prior to staring at CBS.

My programme

I think it is very motivating to study “Business administration and service management” as the program aims at accumulating a wide knowledge about business operations, so that I can fully utilize a firm’s potential through tools as marketing, product development, managerial decision-making, teamwork etc.

The bachelor program introduces you to all the different elements of a company and I believe it this creates a good foundation for investigation what you think is interesting and therefore being able to make the right decision of your specialization in the master program.

However, for me the social aspect of studying is as important as the academic.
I have meet one of my best friends at the CBS running social run that occurs every Monday. Additionally, last spring I was so fortunate that I was allowed to attend the Female leadership academy and it was amazing to be surrounded by so many passionate women while learning about personal branding, negotiation, and body empowerment.

I love that there are so many social and spare time activities at CBS. It is only yourself that set the limit for how much you want to participate in. Which can be a bit challenging if you are a social butterfly as me 😉

My advice


Choose a program that you think is interesting as 100 pages of homework are tough to get through if you are not passionate about your bachelor program.


Relax – nobody is a perfect student. It takes time to find the right work life and study balance.


Join a student organization to expand your network and meet new awesome people.


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