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My choice

When I first applied for BSc Business Administration and Sociology at CBS (BSc Soc in short), I was in no way clarified about my interests and my potential future career. In fact, in the period leading up to my application, I was almost in distress as I considered thoroughly all of my possibilities and had a very hard time deciding on what education to choose. I looked into “pure” sociology, anthropology, history, I considered mathematics a little bit, as well as various CBS-based educations, amongst others BSc Soc. So, do not feel disheartened if you experience the same, because it is normal and happens to (almost) all of us!

When I finally chose BSc Soc it was based off the assumption, that at this programme I could combine theory with practice and get a good understanding of how sociology and business administration relates. It was important to me at the time that my education would not only involve abstract theoretical knowledge but also relatable and real-life cases and tasks.

My programme

To continue where I left off regarding my choice of programme, the most exciting part of my programme is indeed its inclusion of both theory and practice regarding the teaching methods and subjects. The vast majority of the knowledge I have obtained can at least to some degree either be understood within the context of or applied directly to real-life cases. To contextualise this, in my part-time student job as a junior consultant, I have often felt well equipped by my education when it comes to relevant and useful terms, subjects, and theories. This includes, for example, analysing business processes and organisational structure through content from courses such as ‘Introduction to Organizational Sociology’, as well include knowledge on project management, which I gained from my elective courses at the University of Glasgow during my exchange semester in the fall of 2020.

Another essential aspect to my studies at CBS has been finding a well-functioning study group which I myself did during my second and third year at BSc Soc. I was a part of a tight-knit three-person study group and I can tell from my experience, that a good study group can contribute loads to both one’s social life as a student as well as one’s academic abilities. Within my study group we were all able to ask questions and discuss theories and cases, prepare for exams, and talk about everything else related to our studies, as well as anything non-study related. We helped each other to de-stress in busy periods of studying and celebrate following exam periods. Important to note is, that it is not particularly easy finding a good study group but do yourself the favour and try! It’s an absolute advantage to have in your 3+ years at CBS, if you find someone to study with whom you share similar ambitions and compatible study methods.

My advice


My first advice would be, that if you are getting unsure in the beginning of your studies as to whether you chose the right programme/education, this is completely normal. I would advise not to make a final judgement about dropping out or changing your programme until after the first two-three semesters, as these semesters are laying the (often boring and what feels like irrelevant) foundation, which you will then be using for all the fascinating stuff you will learn about later on.


Additionally, do not stress about how other people around you are studying. Studying is a very subjective thing, so do what suit you and what you feel is facilitating your learning the most. Some people learn the most when writing continuous notes on their computer with no pause until after the end of the lecture. Personally, I learn the best by not really writing that many notes and instead focus on listening closely during the lectures, engage in discussions, as well as ask loads of elaborating questions during the lectures. Good for us. However, that does not mean you have to do the same things – find what feels right to you and what helps you the most when studying, whether at lectures or at home.


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