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I chose this programme because I wanted to study something that combined business with a more behavioral and humane aspect such as sociology. As I had spent my High School years abroad in both Argentina and Saudi Arabia, studying in English had become more natural to me than Danish. It was therefore very important for me that I could do a bachelor entirely in English both for the academic and the social aspects.

I also wanted to study an international bachelor in order to meet people from Denmark and abroad not only to learn with people from different cultures but also to combine both my international side as well as my Danish one.


One of the more challenging things about the programme (at least based on the first year) is that it often feels like the courses are independent of each other, it isn’t until during the exam reading period that you realize that a lot of parallels can be drawn between them.

SOC is a very social programme for many. It is a relatively small one which also means that students are given many opportunities to socialize with the years above or below if interested. I believe the academic aspect of SOC works very well for me as it manages to combine statistical tools as well as theoretical tools needed in future workplaces. At times it can seem hard to pinpoint exactly what the programme can be used for, but that is where it is very handy that there is good communication between fellow soc’ers, because most older students are more than happy to explain how they have used or are using their bachelor in their professional life.

SOC is also a very hands-on bachelor in the sense that in most lectures it is encouraged that you open discussions about the readings as well as ask questions if needed. The fact that it is a relatively small programme makes the transition from high school to university much easier because you still get a feeling of being a class where you know most people (if you put in the effort) and you feel comfortable raising questions in front of your fellow classmates

Good advice


Choose the programme you think sounds the most appealing to you. Put everyone else’s concerns aside. Remember that the first few months can be very tough no matter how much you end up liking the programme if you are in doubt about whether it is the right thing for you, reach out to others including myself to discuss your concerns.


A bachelor is also just a bachelor. As blant as it sounds, when it comes to the “business administration and “..” “ it seems as if many of the same things are taught but through different lenses (e.g Sociology or psychology (H.A psyc) ) so choose the lens you think could be the most interesting for you.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on SOC. Feel free to contact them with your questions.