Emilie Lundsgaard Jensen

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My choice

I spend a lot of time in the last year of high school looking at my options education-wise. I attended a couple of open-days/be-a-student-for-day arrangements to get a better feeling of the different programs I had been looking at. In the end, I ended up choosing a CBS and BLC, even though I had never attended CBS’s open days for bachelor programs or followed a BLC-student for a day. However, I did visit the school before making my choice and I also emailed one of the BLC mentors back then (through CBS.dk) to get some clarifications on different questions I had e.g., regarding the amount of exercise classes vs lectures, as I prefer exercise classes. I also considered studying IVK (international corporate communication) at SDU in Odense.

One thing I was positively surprised about when starting at BLC was how open-minded, social, and welcoming my co-students and the intro guides were. It felt safe and it was cool to mingle and make friends with someone from Germany, Chez Republic, Austria etc. So, I had an awesome start at my uni-journey due to some very well-planned, social intro days and the following events and parties during the first semester.

My programme

BLC is one of “softer” programs at CBS. The first three semesters a relatively social science oriented due to courses such as Globalization studies and in the language classes where we often discussed politics and historical topics.
The most challenging part for me has been the more mathematical courses such as microeconomics and statistics. However, it was not too hard and I managed to get through the exams just fine.

I believe the student environment at BLC has been an important part of my bachelor degree. Studying with people from abroad, learning and using their perspectives on things in class discussions and when chatting with them outside the class room has given a lot of great insights. In addition, I’m convinced that the students at BLC are more open-minded, since it is an international program and you therefore gain the most from it by being open towards cultures and nationalities you are less familiar with. From the first intro-day, our intro-guides stressed how important it was we spoke English all the time, so nobody felt excluded.

Furthermore, I was very satisfied with our statistics teacher Christian Kampmann, who was very kind, talented, and humorous. He managed to make statistics very interesting due to his great teaching skills.

First year project was another great experience both academically and socially. I had a great project group and we wrote a good project together. I still hang out with the people from this group, and I also ended up writing the bachelor project with one of the girls from the group.

I must admit I was very disappointed when my exchange ended up being cancelled due to COVID-19. To me, BLC only fully makes sense when you get to go abroad and practice what you have learned in your language classes. This has left me wondering, if I want to continue improving my German or if I should put my focus elsewhere. Hopefully, I get to go on exchange to a German speaking country on my master.

My advice


To fit in at BLC, I would say it is important you are open-minded, social, and curious to meet new people who come from abroad.


Go on exchange!


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