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My choice

Why did I choose to study at CBS, and what made the choice easy/hard?
My plan when I finished upper secondary was to study business in Norway. From before I already learned French pretty good and was interested in pursuing my interest in French and French culture, all what that entails. The interdisciplinary element was lacking in the study programs was eying, this prevented me to commit to such a pure economy/business bachelor. The year after my graduation, I did a single year study in the University in my city to figure out a bit more what I wanted to pursue, in that process I eliminated certain areas such as psychology and French literature. However, when I then found CBS, participated in the Open Day at campus, and the BLC French program I was certain that something I would enjoy to study.

What options did I consider in terms of academic content, and how did I come to a conclusion?
The BLC program covers my interests for culture, politics, world development, economy, and French. This weighted heavily in my choice of school and program. In lack of knowledge of such interdisciplinary programs I was looking into other business/economics bachelors predominantly within Norway. When the choice needed to be done it came down to factors such as the reality and importance of the job market, where I want to achieve with my education, interests and most importantly intuition.

What practical things did I consider?
The choice to start at CBS for me was simple. CBS offers what I desire in terms of an interdisciplinary degree that integrates my interests. I had a good first impression of the school in terms of academics and social life from participating in the Open Day in February 2020. The placement of CBS also impacted my choice. Copenhagen is a city that is easy to feel welcome and at home in, it ties Scandinavia to the rest of Europe in terms of international relations and opportunities.

What were my thoughts on social issues and making new friends?
My class started in the midst of the pandemic; thus, we have lacked many of the social events by CBS or events in general. BLC is a relatively small program in comparison to other programs CBS offers which creates safe and social environment. The social scene outside of CBS is very individual where it is upon each and every one to what extent one want to socialize and act thereafter.

What were my expectations (good or bad), and how where they met?
As I did not know CBS from before I did not have much expectations other than quality academics. After I got accepted I comprehended the influence, status, and rankings CBS has as a business school.

My programme

What is the most exciting thing about my programme?
What convinced me to choose CBS and the BLC program was the interdisciplinarity. The possibility to mix topics and achieve a different perspective and knowledge than what I would have had if I chose a more pure economic based bachelor. After the two firtst semesters it surprised me how full circle the curriculum is. The curriculum designed for BLC is also very interesting from the ethics concerning diamond mining in Globalizations studies to how the corona pandemic has influenced the economy in Macroeconomics.
We are learning to what extent culture has influenced the society and the world markets. Language is an important aspect of culture, in BLC we get a unique opportunity and knowledge to analyze the world market with a scope on the French speaking countries. BLC has given us the liberty to do a research paper with the theme of business and organizations in a global society in the course 1st Year Project. My group wrote of the importance of English, why English has become the Lingua Franca and how that influences a decrease foreign language learning in the UK and Denmark.

What do I plan to use my degree for?
I want to work outside of the Nordic countries. From early on I have had an interest in language, culture, and the world society; BLC has provided me with tools to be able to work towards those themes. It is very interesting with big Norwegian firms in petroleum and aquamarine that already is in the French market. Africa the fastest growing continent in terms of populations, this will create many exiting work opportunities.

What has surprised me about my programme or CBS?
I was surprised on how much of the curruiculum concerns other countries that has French as official language. I have aquired more knowledge on Africas history and current situation that I would have ever thought. French is so much more than France and the EU. The lecturers in French has provided a secure learning environment that fuels development and knowledge.
BLC has provded me with tools that makes me look at the world in a different perspective and has initiated exiting discussions on development, globalization, and the equal distribution of goods and power in the world. The lecturers is engaged and multiple has initiated events outside of CBS to facilitate for further learning. The French lecturers has given us the opportunity to grow our network of French in Denmark, initiated movienights with French films, and arranged a meeting with the French Chamber of Commerce.

What is tough in my programme?
French is for many the most difficult element in BLC. The biggest fear among fresh BLC students is the level of the foreign language in the class. In my experience it is not a problem if you are willing to put in the hours. In collaboration with the other students and the language lecturers we have created a secure environment where it is ok to make mistakes and learn from your own mistakes and the others. It is around 20-50 pages to read each week for the French lectures and this can become quite difficult if you are not motivated. For me alternating lectures in English and French has had a positive impact on me as it does not become too one-sided.

My advice


It helps to have an interest in what you intend to study.


It is better to commence a study and if it not for you quit than wonder if it is for you and ending up regretting not doing so.


Go to the Open Day at CBS and be curious, ask questions!

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