Annie Tsang

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My choice

I chose to study at CBS as I thought something in connection to business could be interesting. It all became a bit spontaneous, I actually applied on the day before deadline. I did not consider anything special around the time, I just applied. I did not know what I wanted (I still do not), I guess I will just follow the flow and see what happens.

My programme

As IBA is a 4-year long bachelor program, you “only” have 3 instead of 4 courses each semester. The main reason for this is because of the language course (either Chinese or Japanese), which counts for 15 ECTS credits instead of 7.5. In reality, you therefore have to spend much more time on this course, as it is a ‚Äúreplacement” of the fourth subject that you would have to have if it was a 3-year long program. This has contributed to a less stressful daily life. However, it must be pointed out that due to my Chinese background I have had an advantage, and I have therefore not focused a lot on the linguistic part. The situation can thus be very different for someone who do not have any relation to the language or culture.

However, I must admit that the language part has become more difficult through each semester, and I have therefore had to centralize it more compared to what I did when I just started my studies. IBA requires you to have linguistics through almost sll semesters, this in my opinion probably would be one of the most difficult parts of the study because you easily can lose motivation, as learning a language primarily is built upon repetition.

The fact that IBA is a relatively small study makes it to some extend easier to meet new people. Another element that may strengthen this social bond is the fourth semester in which you will be having an exchange trip together as with the entire class. This is a really unique component as it is quite unusual an entire class at university to go abroad.

My advice


Take it as it comes. You will somehow find your own pattern and structure. What works for others may not work for you.


Ask for help if there is anything you are in doubt about.


I would definitely recommend spending time with your classmates, especially in the introduction week, as this is the time in which you do not have to think about other things such as homework and lectures.


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