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My choice

I always wanted to study business and by the time I had to make the decision about where to apply, these three words were my main goal: international, modern, relevant. I already had some people I was close to in Denmark, so finding Digital Management at CBS was quite easy.

When I visited CBS’s open days in February 2020, I wanted to know all about DM, and only DM. However, between those presentations, I also got to know other English taught programs offered by CBS, and they gave me second thoughts about DM being the best choice. So, I started to dig into those, but I found I just didn’t seem to fit into those other programs. This process helped me realize even more that DM was the right choice.

My programme

The most exciting and most challenging thing about DM are quite the same for me. We learn so many things: management, programming, regulations, programming… and it might seem confusing and difficult to see through – but at the same time it gives such a strong base in so many areas that several doors open regarding future interests, studies and specialization.

We are working with very recent examples and cases, so for students who are genuinely interested and are already following ‘tech-news’, the start might be a bit easier. I wasn’t one of those so had to learn the habit of being curious about these topics – though it came naturally after a couple months.

Where are we going with all this? As I mentioned above, I was looking for a modern program and I did find one that started only a few years ago. That’s why it is difficult to say what exact positions we’ll fit into after graduation – maybe those positions do not even exist yet, which is really exciting. But it will probably have to do something with IT and management, the connection between the IT and marketing department to mention an example.

My advice


When choosing the program you’ll apply to, simply just be open. Some of us might think that we know exactly which program is the best fit – but it’s still wise to ask around, dig a little deeper and consider options that may not seem ‘perfect’ for the first time.


Don’t force techniques that work for others but not for you. Everyone’s taking beautiful, detailed notes but you’re just as good with highlighting in the book? They read everything before class, but you learn more if you read it after? Just do what works best for you!


Definitely try study seats! CBS have a lot of study spots, for example in the library that you can book for studying. For most students, it proved to be very effective – just a desk, a chair, a locker and your book/laptop in silence – you have nothing better to do than to study.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on DM. Feel free to contact them with your questions.