Christoffer Dyran

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My choice

I chose to apply at CBS as I consider it a reputable and professional educational institution. CBS offers a lot of academic and social opportunities in terms of electives, exchanges, internships, numerous student organizations and various social activities, which I have used a lot throughout my preliminary study time. In addition, CBS creates many opportunities to building bridge to the business community through career conferences etc.

My programme

During IB you will be exposed to most disciplines within economics and business through in-depth theory and practical cases. You therefore become a generalist in most topics, which gives you a broad business understanding, which you can quickly bring into play in many contexts. For me, IB has been the right choice as I thrive in a dynamic environment, and have been able to apply my broad business understanding in many different situations throughout my student job.

One thing that surprised me during my studies was the economics courses like micro, macro, and international economics. I think the courses have been really interesting and with relevant learnings, but also difficult, as they involve a lot of algebra, which can seem overwhelming if you are not so mathematically inclined. However, it is manageable if you are prepared to spend the necessary time on the courses.

The study environment at IB is very performance-oriented and can sometimes be quite intense, as a course typically runs for 6-8 weeks with a subsequent exam. It also means that you are responsible for your own learning and the formation of study groups. Therefore, the intro week was absolutely crucial for me to establish relationships with my fellow students, which resulted in a really good study group, and not least, group of friends.

My advice


Choose only your field of study based on your own interest! The worst thing you can do is to make a choice on behalf of yourself based on the expectations of others


Know your weaknesses and strengths. You will find that some courses are more difficult than others, no matter what you choose. So try to be ahead of things when you can, and feel free to seek help through your fellow students.

Students at IB

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