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My choice

I chose to apply for CBS especially because of the university’s strong international profile and a specific bachelor, which fit very well with my interests. However, even after having applied for CBS, I was still uncertain about having chosen the right university and program. I had a strong interest for political science, and the combination of that in combination with economics, which International Business and Politics (IBP) has, struck me as intriguing. Academically, I was not as strong in the mathematical aspect of the study as in the political, and I hoped to increase my appetite in both during my study.

Besides this, I had taken two gap years in between upper secondary and now applying for university, and my school-related academic mindset seemed distant. Therefore, the thought of having to reintegrate in an educational system was slightly anxiety triggering.

These were some of the thoughts circulating in my mind up towards applying for and studying at CBS. Some of them quite real, but still exaggerated by the general and abstract fear of having chosen the wrong university and program. When I finally began, the ideational problems that I had created were suddenly a lot more palpable and less hard to deal with than I had thought, and I quickly fell into place in my program, both within the academic, as well as the social sphere.

My programme

First of all, IBP has a super good and broad combination of courses. My field of interest especially centers around political science and philosophy, but stretches further towards economics and history, which are all included in the curriculum of IBP. The overall focus of politics and economics in the program has a strong link and association, and it is interesting to learn about these both separately and in connection.

As it is a program with this division of focus, in contrast to other programs such as International Business, most students are either leaning towards either the political or the economic part. In my own case, my interest are mostly aimed towards political science. It can be difficult to balance and having to put focus in both directions. But at the same time, the split of people gives a very broad and diverse group of people with a lot of different inputs. Besides that, the program is international, which acts as a supplement to the multiplicity of people and cultures, which is both reflected in the academic, as well as the social part of the program.

My advice


Be prepared for mathematics being involved in a number of your courses. Although CBS by name implies this, many are still surprised and caught off-guard by this.


Read through the different programs thoroughly first, and then go with your gut feeling. It is often very difficult to know if you will be a perfect fit with your study. Many variables play into this, and if you do not initiate your study with too many prefixed ideas about how it HAS to be, you will undoubtedly have a much better start.


Try as much as possible not to choose what your family, friends or acquaintances think you should study. There can be a great amount of external pressure without you thinking about it. It is, hopefully without seeming too cynical, not unheard of that parents really want their children to study something tangible and prestigious, which they then can tell to everybody they know. It is without a doubt best for the long run to choose your own passions.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on IBP. Feel free to contact them with your questions.ta

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