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At the time of finishing high school I was suddenly unsure of what I wanted to do. I had come from England and there the university preparation can start years in advance. Following that I always thought I wanted to study Natural Sciences and was preparing and working towards that. However, when I moved to Denmark three years ago and was finishing my high school diploma I wasn’t satisfied with my choice, which was a little alienating. And eventually I decided to apply to CBS. Through getting to know more about the environment and culture at CBS through the student life website, YouTube videos, CBS website, the social media of the student societies I further affirmed the notion that I would likely be able to feel ‘at home’ there and eventually accepted my offer when it arrived.

Loved the details and opportunities of the programme-> spread over three different universities, chances to go abroad twice including the one mandatory semester abroad which is like a ‘practical application’, become nearly fluent (hopefully) in one of the oldest languages that fundamentally differs from our own. Loved Asian Culture since childhood- especially history and literature.

I had a bit of anxiety when entering my programme/ CBS as the questions whether I would enjoy what I was studying and would be able to pursue it for a longer time were especially predominant. Another question was whether I would be able to find close friends here. The course of the first semester however whittled that down. In the end it turned out better than I could ever have expected.

My programme

Learning Chinese –  a Janus- faced endeavor:
Learning the language is fascinating and beautiful – especially the pictograms. But definitely presents a challenge at the beginning in the sense that it’s of course a new language, the pace of learning is much faster than in high school, of course getting accustomed to a whole new writing system of characters that are no longer limited to a pattern of solely 26 ones. All these considerations come together at the beginning and are overwhelming although over the course of the first semester one accustoms to it. Before that though it can feel like everyone else in the class is doing much better and learning faster. A little further down the path of learning Chinese when one expands vocabulary then the tones and homophones become a challenging issue. Definitely requires commitment and persistence. It accounts for half of our ECTS and is the reason why our course is spread over 4 years. Although it’s not as scary as it sounds – one just has to like learning Chinese and the rest will fall into place

Components of IBA- Business, Language and Culture:
Presents the difficulty of different study techniques and highlights their importance. The first year is a good time to try and fail to figure it out and build a good foundation that can carry you through the next years.

My advice


Participate in intro weeks!
Something that will be heard a lot especially by international students.The intensity of it will facilitate a lot of bonding with fellow classmates and you will have a great time!
Help figure out all practical and administrative details so they aren’t such a burden or cause for stress at beginning (especially with the new intro format)


CBS is not the stereotype of suit and tie – Our programme especially has a lot of diverse and wonderful members


Just enjoy the ride-> university opens so many opportunities in comparison to high school. The first semester may be a little disorientating or even overwhelming trying to scope this very new environment. However, no stress- things will find their place. There are so many opportunities and they will find their own way to you.


IBA is a very unique programme with a lot of structural intricacies -> make sure you’ve read the programme description thoroughly before deciding. Don’t just stick to the curriculum when learning Chinese-> the courses’ goal as well as your own is that you become fluent in the language. So search for various Chinese media that you find joy in- e.g. songs are a great way to learn Chinese.


It’s ok not to understand what is going on in a course at the beginning. You probably won’t. Throughout the semester the knowledge will build up, the holes will close and in the end you’ll get your high grade in the exam.


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