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After my upper secondary degree lots of people kept asking what my plans where now. The fact that the questions was asked serval of time didn’t make it easier to conclude between all of my thoughts. I choose not to place my focus on where I saw myself in 5-10 years, but rather what my interest was and which experiences I have had given me curiosity.

The fact that I now attend CBS, occurs exclusively due to it being the place overcoming most of my wishes. At the time I did wonder if I was “clever” enough to complete a bachelor degree at CBS, in the same way many other wonders. An advice my parents has given my brothers and I, is that things are what you make them. A negative starting point will bring a negative outcome. Where the positivity will increase your opportunities

My programme

The fact that we at SEM is divided into three different concentrations brings an interesting touch to the teaching approach. It is reflected in the matter of our courses being built around cases that deals with the three different concentration for then accommodating our interest. Furthermore, you will be taught by people who has actually been dealing with these industries and meet people who is in it currently.

My advice


Be sure that you are applying to the CBS is for the right reasons and interests.


Do you wish for a social at CBS next your studies, take part in the introduction program.


Remember that your fellow students at your program is not your competitors. Furthermore, it doesn’t help your situation to appear more complete than you are. It is OK to feel behind; your fellow students are surely having the same thought/struggles as you are. You can only help each other if you also share.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on SEM. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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