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My choice

Throughout my years in high school, I was convinced that CBS would be too smart and business-oriented for me. Consequently, it took me a bit of time to accept that I liked International Business and Politics. To challenge some of my prejudices, I participated in a few lectures at CBS in my final year of high school. Each of the visits allowed me to get a better understanding of the academic level and the social atmosphere at IBP. The latter convinced me that I didn’t have to wear high heels or a tie to be an IBP student.

I had lived in France for two years when I applied to CBS. I had thought about integrating a French university for a while, but I couldn’t find anything similar to International Business and Politics. It was often either or – a choice between business and politics rather than a combination of both. In the end, the university culture and interdisciplinarity of IBP made me come back to Denmark.

My programme

I really appreciate the interdisciplinarity of International Business and Politics. The courses vary a lot and introduce a wide range of competencies that can be used in the public as well as private sector and abroad.

Finance and business didn’t interest me much prior to my studies at CBS. As many other students, I was surprised by the amount of mathematics/calculations in our courses. Fortunately, it is only a handful of students who excel in all of the courses – and that contributes to a good learning environment where most students help each other. Sooner or later, everyone needs help – may it be in the political discussion, with macroeconomic calculations, or while coding in courses like Quantitative Methods for Business and Social Sciences.

My advice


If possible, go visit the university and participate in a few lectures. It’ll allow you to meet the students (who have been in the same situation as you) and get a better understanding of the academic level of the study programme.


Read about each of the courses in the programme and compare them to courses in other programmes. IBP is an interdisciplinary study programme – make sure that you feel comfortable about engaging in both political discussions, microeconomic analyses, financial reporting etc.


Follow your gut feeling!  Choose something you’re passionate about – forget about future salaries and your parents’ opinion. It’ll make the long days at university so much easier.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on IBP. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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