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My choice

“Sooo, will you be joining me at CBS?”, I asked my little sister after she finished her high school exam with great grades. Her response was; “nooo, I don’t believe that I am smart enough,” with a smile on her face though. This response somehow did not surprise me, since I had the same perception before I hit the ‘Send’ button with my wishes for a university degree at CBS. This surly made my decision of a study program more difficult; CBS being a recognized university and of course also me having to move to Copenhagen, but then again… I knew that CBS had exactly the study program that I wished to take. In this way all my worries disappeared because my interest was on the end result, namely the education, which I would stand with at the end.

Culture, language and business have for a long time been an interest of mine. For these reasons I was interested in the studies; European Studies and Business, Language & Culture at CBS. The choice between those two became relatively easy for me when I recognized my interest for the German language and culture. At my high school I decided to study German at a higher level, after which I moved to Germany for a year to further develop my language skills and explore the German’s way of doing business, so why not study German with BLC.

And I am very happy with my choice! Moving to the ‘big city’ has given me many opportunities to form new friendships, time to get to know myself and a suitable study program. And yes, you are ‘smart enough’ for CBS – you know why, I know? Because you will study something of your very own interest!

My programme

“Can I really have all these readings done by the end of the week?” This is how I think most of the days when I look at my calendar for the week’s readings. To pursue a university degree in comparison to a high school degree is very different. At an university you will learn to prioritize, find your own way to study large amounts and thereby create a work balance between the plenty of opportunities to socialize and the participation in class and also involvement on the job, if so.

It can be challenging to do everything and that’s why you slowly learn to choose or reject things. The best about CBS is that you have all the opportunities for help you need throughout the study program, either through; co-students, guidance, teachers, mentors, and tutors etc. When I was in need of help there was always someone I could talk to”. Speaking with more experienced people really calmed me down and gave me ideas on how to move further.

Besides that, I was very positively surprised about the social environment within my study program. Our tutors did an amazing job in including every nationality into the community from day one. As a result, we have kept an open mind and have sought the opportunity to create new friendships and knowledge about cultural differences. This is an approach and a set of mind, which I wish to bring further into my network and job. Especially because my study program has taught me that everyone is different and therefore behave differently. My hope for the future is to apply my knowledge in the consulting industry through guidance of cultural differences and optimization within businesses trading across borders.

My advice

My best advice to you

To all of you, who at this point are to make a decision about which future university, study program and city you wish to engage with, my advice is to go with your guts: what do you find interesting? In this way you help yourself finding subjects and programs that best fit those. It will also help you to create a stance if moving to CPH would be interesting. In proportion to the social life; my belief is that as long as you keep an open mind, you will do just fine!


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