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My choice

I had many considerations regarding my choice of study programme and I explored different opportunities both within various academic fields as well as various universities. When I stumbled upon Business, Language and Culture at CBS I found the study programme interesting due to the combination of the “softer” aspect in social studies (culture) combined with something more “hands-on” (economy). Courses such as “Globalisation Studies” and the description of “1st Year Project” were courses which sounded so interesting for me. On the contrary, I was scared greatly by the third language which actually led me to apply for Service Management and Business Administration instead.

I learned my lesson and realized very quickly that I should follow my heart. So, the following year I applied for Business, Language and Culture with the motivation to do what it took to learn Spanish. I quickly realized that I was absolutely not the only one who did not find the third language easy, which in reality was relieving – you were not alone. Nonetheless, one year later I recognize that I have become significantly better at the language part while I have been able to study courses of social science and economy. At times it has been hard to comprehend the correlation of the different courses, however, when we conducted out 1st Year Project different elements from various courses was used which created the start of an overall understanding of connection. That was indeed an “ah now I see” experience.

My programme

The most exciting part of BLC has so far been to get a broader understanding of how economy affects culture and inequality in regard to developed and undeveloped countries – and vice versa. We are learning on a practical level how economy works through courses such as micro- and macroeconomy. Through courses like ‘Spanish Studies’ and ‘British American Studies’ we are learning about politics and culture. And all this knowledge is somehow put together and creates a correlation in courses like ‘Globalisation Studies’ and ‘1st Year Project’ where you finally comprehend how different factors has affected the actual world situation both economically, politically and culturally.

I certainly feel that the courses can be difficult, and It can at times be hard to adapt and move along so many different areas, especially in the beginning. I was overwhelmed of how exhausting it all was. You could go from a Spanish class to microeconomics to a class about British politics. However, this feeling of being overwhelmed was probably also due to the many new impressions one can experience at the beginning of university life. The third language seems to be the hardest challenge for many, including myself. Both due to the language itself but also because the content sometimes seems less relevant and with connection. However, during my first year I started slowly to connect the different courses and thereby also acknowledge the relevance and connection.

In addition, I chose to perceive Spanish as a hobby, as I for instance only have been watching Spanish movies since I started the programme. Despite Spanish still being a challenge, I have most certainly also developed the language significantly the last year. Moreover, I have come to understand the importance of economy as well as the effects of politics in various countries. I am looking forward to it all only makes even more sense next year (‘people’ state that you truly only understand the meaning of your Bachelor on the third year, so patience is indeed a virtue I have adapted).

I did not have many expectations to the social aspect of the study but was greatly surprised by the strong and positive community which exist at BLC. Slidarity and social events a highly prioritized both internally in classes, between classes and across years. I appreciate that a lot. For instance, we were a big group going on the ski trip in February. A lot of people are good a arranging different kinds of arrangements and if by some reason no one does – then BLC UNION usually finds the best solution to throw the next party. Thursday at Nexus was almost a traditioin before the restrictions of Covid-19 and even after what that brought along do I still have strong feeling of unity at BLC.

My advice


Be sure whether your expectations to yourself do not turn into stress – keep the balance between duty and pleasure.


Create study groups – and use them! For the social aspect as well as the academic.


The level of exams is adequate to your level – It is not expected that you have been at university for several years.


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