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My choice

Besides the bachelor programmes (I considered SEM, IB and IBP) at CBS, I also considered studying Sociology at Copenhagen University. In the end I chose SEM Arts & Culture as I wanted to combine my interest of business administration and economics with social sciences and the cultural/creative sector.

In regards to the social aspect of CBS, I had heard of all the prejudices associated with CBS students and like many others, I doubted if I was going to find friends at CBS.

I looked forward to starting at such an international study and getting to know more international people with different cultural backgrounds. Today I know that there definitely are people at SEM who live up to all the prejudices associated with  “CBS people” but there definitely also are persons who do not – at all.

In general, SEM people (SEMs) are super kind and helpful. Today I talk to SEMs from all of the three concentrations and from many different nationalities, which I really appreciate and find rewarding and enlightening on a personal level.

Another consideration I made when applying for SEM regarded my future job prospects as I knew these would be better after graduating from CBS than of other studies I considered (Sociology and Arts History at Copenhagen University). I also looked at the academic content of the study and knew that I preferred to have as less of statistics and focus more on management, economics and finance.

My programme

The most interesting classes are probably those of arts & culture which concerns the balance between the commercial output and the conservation of the originality of a cultural/creative service/product. A lot of the classes regarding arts management also take a sociological perspective on some management issues which I very much enjoyed.

In general, I am a super curious person and I have enjoyed almost all my classes at SEM. A cool thing about SEM Arts & culture is that you get to discuss the softer sides of arts management (conservating creative originality and fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset) and then mix it with a deeper economic and financial understanding. I really enjoyed the part of the programme that provides an understanding of what kind of compromises there needs to be made in arts management to maintain at healthy balance between creativity and monetary output for cultural institutions.

When choosing SEM, I knew that the economic courses would challenge me, but I was excited to learn it and today I am very happy that I chose to take up the challenge. I chose SEM as I also wanted to learn about economics, finance and accounting. For these tougher classes, SEM people have been really good at helping each other out and I most definitely recommending having a study group for these classes. An extra set of eyes and other ways of thinking can be really helpful, and it helped me a lot to find a study buddy whose way of thinking was the complete opposite of mine.

My advice


A good advice I got on how to choose between the different bachelor programmes at CBS was to take a study start brochure and to draw circles around the programmes that I initially thought sounded interesting. After that, I went on to and read more about them.


I would strongly suggest trying out buying used books before ruling it off – and do even try to buy one that has highlights in it. You don’t know if the highlights actually bother you until try it and there is a lot of money to save on used books (can be bought on or Facebook).


In order to maintain a healthy balance in my everyday life I make sure that one day per week is completely free from work and study tasks. I find that I recharge when I take a timeout and instead focus the time on practical stuff like washing clothes. The everyday passes by so fast with work, study and social life. Also, in order to be able to take this day of I make sure to plan my schedule in advance.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on SEM. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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