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My choice

I chose to study at CBS due to the fact that I have always been interested in learning the functionality behind a firm as well as I have always had CBS as a first priority, since I am well aware of the high quality of the programmes, study environment and lecturers.

I have a lot of interest for subjects such as Marketing and Innovation, but I believe that it is a natural phenomenon that students choosing a programme are not completely sure about their choice of study before being in the position where they come face to face with the decision. It is a process. Other studies such as law have been on my mind, but in order to be able to back my future ambitions i found it valuable for me to have an understanding of economics, which is why i chose SEM.

For me the social part of studying is extremely important even though this is not the usual focus point of studying. I have always been in a closed knitted friend group. By starting an international study I saw my possibility to meet loads of new people, and therefore I chose SEM. I was given the opportunity to get new friends and break my usual habits, and by that also getting to know myself even better.

I have had my thoughts about how tough studying would be and how much work I was to put in it on practical grounds. Even though it is hard I feel like I have found the right way to do it, for ME. This has been to focus on the interesting parts of each subject instead of having a stressful sight on them. It is so easy to fall into the patterns of believing each subject is tough because of the fact that there is put a grade on you in the end, so you HAVE to do good. I have begun focusing on the learning proces instead, since it is so much easier to learn a subject if you find it interesting.

My programme

The most interesting part about my study is, in my opinion, the innovative aspect in coherence with the deep understanding behind a firm as a unit. Before I began I thought that the subject I would find most difficult would be Managerial Econmics, as I beforehand have had issues with mathematical subjects, but as it proceeded I was taken aback about the fact that I found it almost most interesting. It had the power to combine theoretical knowledge with economical and thereby get a broad understanding about the entirety of a firm. It is to a large degree easier to understand a subject when you can combine knowledge from earlier lectures and literature. You cannot hide the fact that some subjects have been easier to overcome than others, where Managerial Economics was one of the harder ones, although the most interesting one, funnily enough. A subject like Statistics has also been to the tougher side, since you have to get used to quantitative methods instead of qualitative ones.

It is no secret that the social aspect has played a big role in wanting to show up to lectures in particular. If you have a good relationship with people in your class you are more motivated to show up at Flintholm at 8 am a Monday morning. My study group as well as other friends I have made are a huge part of the happiness I find with my study and they make it so much easier to overcome, as I always have them to discuss the stress and joys with.

SEM fits me, my dreams and ambitions well and it allows me to gain a broad understanding of the economics in a firm as well as how innovation and knowledge about the service-aspect can help you secure your position on the market as a firm.

My advice


Be open towards new people and don’t expect yourself to only be friends with a certain group of people from the beginning. Let new people surprise you and get rid of thought and requirements you might have had to friendships before.


Don’t beat yourself up over challenges you might find in specific subjects. No matter what you are studying you are in risk of having some subjects you might not find easy and enjoyable, which is normal. If you do not get a hang of it right away it does not mean that you cannot learn and succeed.


Have a positive mindset towards everything. It might sound weird, but if you create negative thoughts in your head, about for example a subject, your colleagues etc. It is going to become much harder for you to turn them into positives, and your days will become very long. Try to stay energized.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on SEM. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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