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My choice

When I first started considering academics after gymnasium, I was hugely overwhelmed by the possibilities and it was by not easy to cut them down to a specified study program. However, I did know that I wanted to study something economics- and business-related, and I was simultaneously attracted to studying in a place that would provide me with more of an international profile. I had also heard that CBS had a great student life, which would allow me to explore interests outside the breadth of my program. Hence, CBS seemed like the most fitting institution.

When I ultimately put a mark in front of the Digital Management program, it was due to my general interests in IT, and an awareness of the world’s developing digital environment. Having previously taken a short introductory course in programming, my interest was piqued, and thus I took a leap of faith which fortunately turned out in my favor. Meanwhile, I thought that the digital aspect of the program gave my profile a bit more of an ‘edge’ which I could leverage in a future career.

My programme

The most exciting aspect of DM for me is its contemporary applicability. While we have a very wide course catalogue, the digital element is woven into all of them and there is a feeling that you are learning about the world as it is changing.

Academically, my first concern about starting in DM was related to the programming courses. Although I had previously enrolled in a short introductory course, I was not an expert by any measure. It was soon clear to me that most people felt similarly, and like me, had yet to build a foundation for programming. Although I could partly thank luck for placing me amongst such accessible classmates, I think that DM in particular fosters open dialogue. About half of our classes are exercise classes, thus encouraging us to openly discuss the academic material, and our professors have been very inquisitive about our learning, and receptive to suggestions.

For me, the program’s academic breadth has also been constructive. While all our courses are related to digitalization in some ways, they cover vastly different areas. This has been particularly useful for me, as it provides an opportunity to immerse myself in subjects that seem particularly exciting to me.

My advice


Plan when you are going to study. This has helped me be more focused when studying and has simultaneously made it easier to clear up time for my social life.


Be deliberate with your reading. Few have time to read everything, and you very seldom need to.


Be open and honest about seeking academic advice. People in DM probably have similar thoughts and struggles as you, so chances are that you will come across something helpful.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on DM. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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