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My choice

I had known that I wanted to study at CBS for some time, so my choice was mostly between the programs offered here. I ended up applying for the IB programme for three main reasons:

1. The international perspective

2. English as the teaching language

3. The programme’s broad profile

The international aspect of the IB programme was definitely a deciding factor for me, as I wanted my studies to have an international perspective. Furthermore, I preferred a programme, which was taught in English, something I also think will benefit me in the future.
The fact that IB is a very broad programme was important to me, as I didn’t know exactly which area of business administration I wanted to specialize in. IB offered me an opportunity to gain a general knowledge on many different areas before deciding on what to specialize in during my masters. In regard to this IB was also a good match for me as the programme opens up to many different masters.

My programme

I think that one of the IB programme’s biggest strengths is the study environment. Your fellow students are ambitious and hard working and this creates a motivating environment where you can benefit a lot from each other.

The courses taught on IB are very diverse and this has given me the opportunity to test many different study techniques as well as explore different types of courses, something I think that this has been a great help in figuring out what my preferences and strengths are.

I have come to like the quarter-structure on the IB programme, which makes it possible to focus on only two subjects at I time, but it can also feel challenging and stressful at times. Some semesters are very intense and the short length of each course took me some time to get used to.

My advice


Look in to your many different educational choices and study them thoroughly before making your final decision. Attending the open days at CBS helped me, but there are many other ways to find information as well. (e.g. CBS’ website, brochures, former students, etc.)


Participate in the intro and involve yourself in the social life on your programme from the beginning – it’s a lot of fun and will benefit you both socially and academically.

Students at IB

Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on IB. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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