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My choice

First and foremost, I have always been interested in business areas such as marketing and management and because I came from a business college, it felt like a natural choice in terms of education. Therefore, in my opinion, there was only one place that seemed relevant and it was CBS. Furthermore, I have always heard only good things about CBS, both from students and externally.

For a long time I had been determined to choose IMK (Intercultural Market Communication), but after being to the Open House event at CBS two years in a row, I began to consider more and more very different programs until the choice was between 3 programs; European Business, IMK and Digital Management. I ended up applying for all 3 but with Digital Management as my top priority. This was primarily due to the fact that I had found out that the IMK was offered for the last time, which I thought was an indication that the line had become less relevant to what is being looked for in the business world. The other big reason was the profile of Digital Management, which sounded interesting and exciting, and just super relevant for business today.

My practical considerations were mostly about what I could use my education for in terms of future jobs, and this is also the primary reason why the choice ended with Digital Management. It was of course also extremely important that I was interested in the program and the different courses. In the beginning, I also focused a lot on which master’s programs my bachelor would open up to, but at the end I prioritized the relevance of and interest in my chosen program.

I have always had many acquaintances who have gone or are still going to CBS, whom I know from very different places. I therefore feel that I have always had a very varied view of CBS, the students and the social activities, and therefore I have not had many considerations regarding what exactly I should expect. I have been pleasantly surprised in regard to the social life at CBS and I honestly have never had more fun at any other educational institution.

When I first applied for Digital Management, my primary focus was on future opportunities after the education, which created a bit of a trade-off in relation to real interest in the various courses. So, I was really nervous that when we got started, I would lose interest etc. Now my first year is finished and despite the fact that there will always be courses that you are not equally enthusiastic about, all courses and professors have caught my interest and engaged me!

– Because it is the first year Digital Management is running, I obviously also had some concerns about how evident it would be in the lectures and other areas. I think my mindset was already prepared to be open to minor mistakes and changes, and there were a few areas that have already been improved for next year’s students, so overall it has been a really successful first round of DM.

My programme

The most exciting thing about Digital Management is that it is so relevant. All of our courses relate to today’s and future business and most of our cases and external texts deal with the most revolutionary companies, products and changes that we see today.

The most challenging thing about Digital Management has been the programming part. First of all, because my interest in programming is limited and the syllabus is on a relatively high level. However, the books we have worked with in relation to Python and Machine Learning were really good and especially our teacher, Daniel Hardt, has managed to engage students and pull up the performance!

I am incredibly happy for both the academic part and the social life! Digital Management is really a special study, for many reasons.

Digital Management is a fairly broad program in the sense that our courses deal with very different areas and aspects – all with digitalization as a common denominator. So, you can really use it for a lot of different careers. Personally, I think I want to work with digital marketing or strategy and management in a digital company.

Digital Management fits me because I am curious and ambitious about future opportunities.

My advice


Make sure to choose the program(s) that really interest you! To do so, I would both go to Open House and hear about the lines that seem most exciting and read the course descriptions!


Be open minded! Both in terms of social life and academically – you can always be surprised!


If you are interested in Digital Management, make sure to participate and engage in the programming part from the first semester!


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on DM. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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