Being part of CBS

Student life at CBS

Are you curious to know what it is like to be a student at CBS? In the videos below, you can hear a number of students share their personal experiences.


The typical CBS student

You may already have an idea of what characterizes a typical CBS student but maybe the stereotype is not always true.

Hear how others have experienced the meeting with fellow students at CBS.



At CBS, there are many exams, and you will encounter different forms of exams during your studies.

In this video students tell how they have experienced the exams at CBS.


Social life at CBS

The strong community of interest among CBS students provides good opportunities for networking and social activities.

Watch this video and get a student’s perspective on the social life at CBS.


CBS is a diverse university. We host students from all over the world with different backgrounds, interests and needs. That is why inclusion, the right to be yourself and equality is of high value for us. Below you will find examples of how we work to ensure that.


The healthy study culture

Diversity, inclusion and the right to be yourself are important values for CBS and we want to ensure student well-being in all our study programmes.

Listen to CBS study coach, Mette G√łtterup-Tang, talk about our focus on supporting a healthy study culture.


Special Educational Support (SPS) - for students with a disability

Do you have a functional disability? And do you feel like it is weakening your study skills?

As a student at CBS you can get help and support to study on an equal terms as your fellow students. Listen to SPS counsellor, Julie L. Jensen, tell you about your options.

CBS in society

CBS is a business university, and we provide both teaching and research within a wide range of areas. Below you can hear the Dean of Education at CBS talk about CBS as an educational institution, and you can also learn more about CBS 'research profile.


CBS as a university

Dean of Education, Gregor Halff, talks about CBS.

Hear what in his opinion makes CBS special.

You can e.g. hear him talk about CBS’ focus on interdisciplinarity, professional expertise and our role in society.

CBS campus


See campus

Take a virtual tour around CBS and get an impression of our beautiful campus.