Student Life at CBS


Studying and learning at university

Learning new perspectives

CBS Debating Society is an example of a student organization that improves both academical performance as well as your social life.

Working in groups

Some of your studying at CBS will involve working in groups. Therefore, it is important to find the right group composition in order to make it work.

Studying in English

Some CBS programmes are in English. This can be challenging to adjust to when you are starting out.

Studying to learn

Are you studying to get rich, or do you study to get smart? It is important to focus on learning in order to find your motivation.

Finding your way of studying

Starting out at a university can be overwhelming. A plan for how and when you are going to study can be invaluable for getting everything done.


Studying at a university

Classes at CBS proceed quickly, which can take some getting used to.

The oral exams

Oral exams are a normal thing at CBS. That can be unnerving for students who are not used to that format. But there is no need to worry, the examiners are really nice.

Managing final exams

In Denmark, the grade from the final exam is usually the only one you will get in the course. Time management is essential if you do not want to be stuck in the library the last month before the exam.

Finding the balance

Guilty conscience

At CBS, you are responsible for your own learning, which can feel like a huge change from what you are used to. You might feel guilty if you do not manage to get all the reading done every week.

Being an ambitious student

Being ambitious is a good thing – especially if you also like your chosen field of study. Everybody can do well if you focus and prioritise your studies.

Finding your balance

It can be a good idea to structure your time at CBS. There has to be room for both studying, working, friends and many other things.

Social life

Meeting the Danes

It can be a challenge to make friends with the “closed-off Danes”. When you get to know them, however, they are open and friendly.

Making new friends

All the bachelor programmes have study start activities that help you get to know your classmates. There are also many student organisations where you can meet new and exciting people.

Sharing common interests

There are a lot of student organizations at CBS. They can be a good way to meet others with the same interests as you.

Being a typical CBS student

There are many preconceived notions about CBS. Only a few of them are true. You will find a lot of variety and diversity at CBS.

Opportunities during your studies

Going on exchange

You can learn a lot from going on exchange – both academically, socially and culturally. Many CBS students choose to go on exchange as part of their degree.

Starting a student organization

CBS is a good place to start a student organization. If you have a great idea, CBS has funds to help you make it a reality.

Becoming an entrepreneur

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship can be a great way to start. They provide counseling and office space for new entrepreneurs from CBS.


The international environment

Walking around campus, you hear languages from all over the world. The diversity at CBS can give something extra to discussions and group work

Living in Denmark

Is Denmark a utopian society? Maybe it could seem that way for foreigners who are used to pollution and hectic traffic.

The language issues

Danish can be a frustrating language to learn. Most Danes speak fluent English, however, making the language barrier close to nonexistent.

Introducing Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a very vibrant city with something going on every day. One thing is essential if you want to be a Copenhagener: a bike!

The full degree experience

There’s a big difference between an exchange stay and taking a full degree. The different weather seasons in Denmark can take some getting used to.


Living in student housing

Not everyone can get a room in one of the many student housings around Copenhagen. If you manage to secure a room, however, it can help a lot with both your student life, social life and skills.

Finding a place to live

CBS students come from all over, and it can be tough to find a place to live. It is always a good idea to use your network.

Finding accommodation

Every year, a lot of new students are looking for accommodation in Copenhagen. How do they go about it?

Living on a budget and working

Having a student job

It can be a necessity to get a student job. CBS Career Centre can be helpful in finding the right job as a student.

Living on SU

It can be tricky to make ends meet if your only income is your SU. For many, a student job is a necessity, and a SU loan can help as well.

The living expenses

You will find cheaper cities than Copenhagen. It can be necessary to get a student jobs to be able to afford books, breakfast and beer.

Campus facilities

Campus facilities

CBS’ buildings reflect the famous Danish design – simplicity and functionality. A bike can be the best way to get from one building to another.

The canteen

A wide selection of food throughout the day allows you to work with your group at campus whenever it suits you without starving.

The student cafe

Every Thursday during the semester there is a student café – Nexus. It can be a great break from the books and a way to socialize with your fellow students.